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Why take an internship at Telefonica I+D, honestly told by an intern

Why take an internship at Telefonica I+D, honestly told by an intern

Nine months since I received that email offering me to take an internship at my current company, four months passed since I officially started my adventure here at Telefonica I+D. I think I can build strong thought about my internship and this incredible company. I am going to express these thoughts in a different way, and here they are: why I think Telefonica I+D is one of the best opportunities to launch your career as a software engineer, honestly told by an intern.

Note 1: the reason I say "they" to refer the entire team of Telefonica I+D is just because these thoughts are personal, like a bird on the heights looking down and thinking. I feel part of this huge family, out of this writing I always refer to the team as "we".

Note 2: READ THE END OF THIS ARTICLE, I tell you an important thing there. 😊

1. You work in team of experts. Yes, the talent of people who work here is absolutely insane. They are experts in their game, they have worked in tech areas for several years, and the stuff you can learn from them is infinite: from the way they solve problems to the way they work in team.

2. Great company culture. Telefonica cares a lot about the company and team culture, they have strong values as human beings they are: gratefulness, passion about your work, empathy...

3. You build real products. You are here to give the most value you can give, from the moment you start to work you are making tasks with the same responsibility than the ones of the rest of the team. Forget that topic of "interns are about working on dumb stuff and not about taking responsibility and the initiative". This is one of the most important points, this makes you be confident with you and be able to build professional and quality products at the end of your internship period.

4. Grow on your expertise area. I am sure you are super interested on one specific area of the current software world (frontend development, backend development, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, user experience, product design...). Your internship mentor and your team are going to give you tasks about what you love more and in which you can make your best, even you can take the role of expert in that area in the team.

5. Reference company. More than saying that Telefonica I+D is great for your CV or LinkedIn profile, I think this means that you work on projects with huge impact, giving huge value to a huge market (sometimes this value is not direct, but it is a value with a vital eco in the company goals) and living in an innovation environment. In summary, you work on a company that takes the initiative in this digital and fast-changing world.

6. Innovation projects. Yes, this is content which is implicit in the name of the company. But I would like to emphasize innovation, that is what runs in the company DNA. All projects here are looking for the future, are looking for the human race, are trying to disrupt the market.

7. Innovative technology stack. We have talked about "philosophic" stuff, and I know you want to hear about technical stuff too. Telefonica I+D works with the last released and most suitable technology for projects, this is the way we get quality and great-running products. You don't work with obsolete technologies which produce headache.

8. They care about you. Your team and all the company is permanently thinking about you and trying to give you the best experience as a intern.

9. Extra activities. It is not all about sitting in the chair and only focused on the main goals. Hackathons, each two weeks tech meetups, volunteer opportunities are on the company calendar and on your work schedule. You can get more experience and learn from them.

Video: Telepresence Robot developed in one of the last hackathons at Telefonica

10. Social environment. You feel this in the first second you get into the big and open office. It's not about people in front of the computer programming from 9 to 5 and go home to forget everything about the work. You can meet and talk to all people you see about whatever you want. A great opportunity to make life-long friends and partners.

11. Training and learning. In some previous paragraphs I have talked about learning, but I would like to remark this again. In addition, you receive all kind of training in the areas and technologies you are working on and soft skills development hours.

12. Intra-entrepreneurship. For me, one of the most important points, one of the most motivational reasons. Telefonica encourage you to create new projects and make your ideas real. Telefonica is an entrepreneurship fan company, and they love to give you the resources to create new products.

The skeleton of our internal innovation program.

Those ones are my thoughts about Telefonica I+D, some part of these reasons are the ones which make me to join the company and the other part of them are the ones I have discovered since I started my adventure here and I was excited to tell you.


Now, I'm going to tell you what I promised in the second extra-note of the article: we have one software engineering intern position open in TDAF team, the lovely team I work on. If all what I told you in the article is on your DNA, in your values, in your life goals and you love to build quality software and digital products and you live in the Valladolid area, apply right now: here. If you are not from Valladolid, you can check the entire list of open intern positions: here, I am sure you are going to find one for you.

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