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Tribute Page - A Steve Jobs tribute page (Website Design & Development)

Tribute Page - A Steve Jobs tribute page (Website Design & Development)


  • Page - Final result of the project
  • Design - Website design made in Photoshop
  • Code - Source code on Github


A Steve Jobs tribute page as a Free Code Camp front end project where I show some information about the Apple creator life. Made using HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton for code, and Photoshop for design.


  • Jorge Sanz (Me) - I am the guilty of all this project.


A couple months ago, I started the Free Code Camp program to improve my skills as software engineer. After some days completing the beginner steps, I arrived to the interesting part of all this: make your own projects.

First project: "Build a Tribute Page". I chose Steve for this tribute page because he is a reference in my life and I appreciate his value and life phylosophy.

I will continue writing posts about all my projects, including all ones from Free Code Camp.

What I have learnt/improved

  • I've reduced my time of coding a responsive web design.
  • I've learnt to use flexbox for some parts of the page to make it responsive.


Thanks to

  • Manu Martínez-Almeida for encouraging me to start using flexbox instead of the responsive features of common CSS frameworks.


I love receive feedback to improve, so I decided to put here all your constructive feedback messages (mentioning you if you want).

I don't care if this project is little, I want to care all details and make the next one better.

"You should make an indicator that you can scroll at the header division of the page. I didn't get it until now!" - Lukas A. Müller